Romance is a staple of young adult fiction, and when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy, readers expect a good dose of it. But how much romance is too much? And what exactly do young adult sci-fi and fantasy readers want when it comes to romantic relationships in their books?

First of all, it’s important to recognize that not all young adult sci-fi and fantasy readers are the same. Everyone has different preferences and tastes, and what one reader enjoys may not be what another reader is looking for. That being said, there are a few general trends and expectations when it comes to romance in this genre.

For many young adult sci-fi and fantasy readers, romance is an important part of the story, but it shouldn’t overshadow the main plot. The romance should add to the story and complement the action, adventure, and world-building. Readers want to see believable and well-developed relationships between characters, with chemistry and tension that keeps them invested.

However, readers also want to see more than just the typical “happily ever after” endings. Young adult readers are often looking for stories that reflect the complexities of real life, including the ups and downs of relationships. They want to see characters grow and change throughout the course of the story, and they want to see realistic and nuanced portrayals of love and romance.

At the same time, young adult readers are also looking for representation in their books. They want to see diverse characters and relationships, including LGBTQ+ and non-traditional relationships. They want to see characters who reflect their own experiences and identities, and they want to see those characters portrayed in a positive and respectful light.

So, how much romance is too much? Ultimately, it depends on the individual reader and their preferences. Some readers may be looking for a lot of romance and will enjoy books that focus heavily on relationships, while others may prefer books where romance takes a backseat to action and adventure. The key is to strike a balance that satisfies both the romantic and non-romantic elements of the story.

Here are a few books we recommend with light and clean romance that is focused on relationships and growth that do not take away from the adventure.