Influence by David R. Bernstein is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that explores the dangerous consequences of manipulating reality. From the very first page, the story takes hold of the reader’s imagination and doesn’t let go until the very end.

The world-building in this book is exceptional, with a future society that is both chilling and believable. The concept of gifted youths, known as Influencers, being exploited and controlled by ruthless sector groups is both disturbing and intriguing. The idea that certain individuals can manipulate the thoughts and actions of others is not a new one, but the author presents it in a fresh and compelling way.

The protagonist, Kaylin, is a strong and relatable character who readers will root for throughout the story. Her struggle to keep her abilities hidden while also fighting against the sector groups is both thrilling and heart-wrenching. The supporting characters are also well-developed, with complex motivations and backstories that add depth to the overall narrative.

The pacing of the story is perfect, with enough action and suspense to keep readers engaged without feeling overwhelmed. The author does an excellent job of balancing the action with the emotional journey of the characters, making for a satisfying and impactful read.

Overall, Influence is an exceptional book that will appeal to fans of science fiction and dystopian novels. It’s a powerful story about the dangers of power and the importance of standing up for what is right, even when the odds are stacked against you. David R. Bernstein has crafted a truly memorable novel that will stay with readers long after the last page has been turned. Highly recommended.

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Can I just say how wonderful and refreshing it is to read, not only a unique book with fantastic, diverse characters, but one with a strong female lead!!!
– Author S.L. Morgan ★★★★★
The premise is really cool.  David had a unique idea that he was able to spin into a very enjoyable story with a few twists and turns you may not expect.
– Author Jenetta Penner – ★★★★★
The power to “push” helped me love this book! The story concepts and world-building were awesome.
– Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★
Exciting! Captivating! Couldn’t put it down! The characters were extremely well developed and the story just flowed.
– Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

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