We just added the 14 story blurbs to the description for our upcoming anthology. Check out the exclusive epic reads you will get in this one book!

Sasha lives off the treasure she salvages in abandoned ships on the edge of the solar system: until the day she recovers a lost popstar from 200 years ago.
Dark Star by S.E. Anderson

One rickety ship. Hundreds of refugees fleeing Earth. Millions of light years to an unknown planet.
One chance for a new home.
Let Me In by Jennifer Brody

Anne has a strange feeling the mysterious lights in the sky have something to do with the number six she keeps seeing everywhere.
Six by Lindsey R. Loucks

When Evie meets an unlikely ally on her off-ship excursion, they must race against time before an impending war destroys their new planet.
Siteron by Krista Street

When her father is sent on his most dangerous expedition yet, Cortelia doesn’t stop to think and sneaks along for the ride, never imagining a deadly alien agenda.
Deliverance by Raquel Lyon

Len is the sole survivor on an irradiated vessel deep in space, but is he really alone?
Daughters of Ayor by David R. Bernstein

Surviving the culling was only the beginning. Can they reclaim earth, or will the invaders destroy them?
The Culling by Melissa A. Craven

A snarky black-market trader who hasn’t had a date in way too long, a broke-down, junkyard intergalactic ship with an attitude, and a beautiful alien to fall in love with. What could go wrong? Probably everything.
Sycorax by Jenetta Penner

Vega Volante, planetborn, planetstrong…and totally screwed.Vega must use her unique planetborn skills to confront an alien force that not only threatens her squad but could bring disaster to the entire Axis.
Planetstrong by Pamela Stewart

Forced to marry her brother’s killer. Buried alive in an underground tomb. Celeste, sacrifices all for her terrible vengeance.
The Stars Between by D.S. Murphy

The ever inquisitive Eos suspects the military is hiding something from the settlers on Sutorax, but she never imagines a deadly alien agenda.
Interception by Norma Hinkens

Arylia is an unwelcome alien seeking refuge on Earth; will her inexplicable friendship with Kyson, a law-abiding soldier, doom the planet?
Between the Earth and the Stars by Elle Scott

A race of body snatchers is deporting people to Mars, but Matt’s fight to escape uncovers a disturbing truth about Earth and the Red Planet.
Going Home by Holly Hook

Imprisoned. Enslaved. Seven girls dig for the source of life in a fight for freedom from powerful invaders.
The Crystal Prince by Everly Frost

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