He's always taken risks… but this risk might be his last.

In a society that has forgotten that some of its citizens are human, Kalib Hawkins is just trying to survive.

Born into the Cobalts, the lowest rung of society, he has done everything to protect those he loves, even if it meant skirting the rules. So when an opportunity presents itself to ensure the safety of his best friend, Tenly Hawkins, he must leave everything behind and follow her into the Cobalt Premier Workforce.

But instead of being happy, Tenly begrudges his choice and rejects him. Somehow she knows he doesn't deserve the placement and must have cheated to get ahead.

Nothing is as he knew it in a new Scarlet household that holds dangerous secrets, and Kalib must accept a fate that could lead to his destruction.

Despite the threat, his pull to Tenly won't leave his mind, especially when he sees her drawing closer to a treacherous member of her household…

And there's little he can do to protect her this time.