Book One in the Terran Sea Chronicles

Book Cover: Reckless
Part of the Terran Sea Chronicles series:

First the floods consumed the Earth.
Then the Syndicate took everything from me.
My childhood, my first love—my humanity.

No thanks to Jack—my backstabbing best friend—I escaped. But only after I was forced to shoot Marius, the boy I've loved for years.

Now the Syndicate's cruel experiments have intensified. They will do anything to replicate the abilities they forced on us. To take them down, I have to once again trust Jack. After what he did, I don't know if that's possible.

The Syndicate might control the waters of the Terran Sea, but they won't control me.

Reckless is a dystopian adventure packed with action, romance, and wonder. Readers who enjoyed The Lunar Chronicles and Red Queen will love this epic young adult series.

Note: Reckless is a re-brand of the novel, NeverSea with new editing and character naming.

Reviews:Allie on wrote:

I loved this it combines two of my favorite childhood fairy and puts a refreshing new spin on them. I would happily give 10 stars if it were possible.