Forbidden Wolf Audiobook
Part of the Throne of Wolves Audio series:
  • The Forbidden Wolf: Throne of Wolves (Audiobook)

I was always an afterthought...until I was forced to steal my sister's throne.

My twin sister, Kiana, is the future alpha…destined to rule our pack. Me? Little ol’ Elyse? Nope…. I’m second born...the spare. Doomed to a life of service.

To ensure power, Kiana is betrothed to the alpha heir who’s next in line to rule the throne of the most dominant, rival pack. But when he arrives to claim her, he rejects my sister and chooses me, throwing the Five Thrones of our territory into chaos.

What the hell? Right?

Against my will, my world is turned upside down. Now, I’m no longer the invisible sidekick to my power-hungry sister. Instead, I’m whisked away, showered with attention and gifts beyond anything I’ve ever known before.

This handsome, yet possessive heir keeps going on about how we’re fated…but I’m not feeling it for this audacious brute. The wolf is used to getting everything he wants and I’m not game.

So, my twin hates me, I’m supposedly fated to a male I don’t love, I’m falsely accused of treason, and on top of all that…now I must challenge my sister to rule my pack’s throne.

Good times.

Torn in all directions, something has awoken inside of me...something terrifying.

And if the forbidden secret gets out it will make me the most hunted wolf since the beginning of our kind.