Book Cover: Affinity Born
Part of the The Affinity Saga series:
  • Affinity Born

A genetic mutation has long since divided the world into two factions.. Those who have developed a higher sense of empathy and those who are driven by primal fear.

The divide reached its peak when humanity splintered into those who turned inward and those who strived to reconnect. The differences were so severe that those driven by fear deemed humanity to be two different species. The Legacies and the Affinities reluctantly share this new world.

Legacies have long used force and fear to take control of those around them, leaving Affinities to live in remote pockets of the world. Rarely do Legacies and Affinities interact anymore, until one day when a Legacy expansion party tears through an Affinity settlement. A young woman named Raylyse loses her parents in the onslaught. This devastation sparks something dormant inside her and she discovers she is not like other Affinities.

Ray awakens primal, yet heightened senses that are sparked by a long-lost emotion, anger. She attacks the Legacy convoy and brutally kills three men. This attack terrifies her fellow Affinities in her settlement and they drive her out.

Terrified and alone, she treks through the torn apart and forgotten “Splinters”, the narrow sectors of land between the Legacy’s territories and the diminished Affinity settlements. It isn’t until a group of misfits find her and offer her shelter that she discovers she’s not alone with what had happened to her.

Can Ray discover what she is before it is too late?